Allison Elementary

  • Welcome to James A. Allison Elementary

    James A. Allison Elementary is a neighborhood school of approximately 250 students. Our culturally diverse population benefits from the expertise of a highly qualified and caring staff. We not only offer a quality education but also the one to one relationships that are essential to personal growth as well. We provide a challenging child-centered curriculum for all students. Programs are provided to meet individual student needs. Allison's school environment is safe and accepting for all children. We have volunteer programs that encourage our parents and community members to come in, help out and be part of Allison's success.

    Some of the programs available to students are:
    * AYS - after school care program
    * Summer School program - Jump Start
    * D.A.R.E. (drug resistance program) with Speedway Police
    * Student council
    * Social skills & conflict resolution programs
    * Science Fair
    * Honor roll recognition
    * Attendance recognition
    * Family Language Arts Night

    * Family Math Night Student
    * Student Council 4-6
    * Student safety patrol

    Our students, staff, parents and volunteers all believe in setting goals and working to be the best we can be. We are extremely proud of our accomplishments, our community and our continued efforts to improve.



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