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    Continuing Education Scholarships

    Application Deadline & Essay Topic:

         2021 Topic:  "How has your attitude toward the Town of Speedway
                                and/or Speedway Schools changed between the time you
                                entered college and now? Discuss."

         2021 Deadline:  All applications and essays are due by Monday, June 7th at
                                     10:00pm to:
                                                        Tom Smith
                                                         2121 North Lynhurst Drive
                                                         Speedway, IN  46224
                                                         Home Phone: (317)-243-9753
                                                         Cell Phone: (317)-418-0416

    Application consists of the following information:

         1.  Submit one cover page with the following:
                   Address (must be a resident of Speedway)
                   Phone Number
                   High School Attended and Date of Graduation
                   Name of College in which currently enrolled
                   College Major
                   A List of Community Service activities
                   A List of Extracurricular activities

         2.  Submit one copy of a college report giving evidence that at least one year of study (24 credits) has been completed.

         3.  Submit three copies of the required essay which is no longer than two 8.5 x 11 inch double-spaced pages.
              (Do not put your name on the essays.)
         4.  The subject of the essay may change each year and is revealed in a press release in late spring.

         5.  Incomplete applications or applications turned in after the submission deadline will be ineligible.


    Please refer to the FAQ page for more information: