• Acuity Workstation Issues:

    Follow the directions below to update your workstation to work with Acuity.

    Log in to each workstation as the generic user Test with no password - this is the same .test.speedway login used for MAP testing with a shorter user name.
    Launch Acuity.
    When you see the information bar at the top of the page, right-click on the bar and select Run Add-on, you should then get a security warning, click on run.  You will have to repeat this two to three times for each add-on.  After the add-ons are complete, select the clicking here link and the Acuity log in screen should appear.
    Students should now be able to log in to Acuity using their assigned names and passwords.  The workstations can be shut down or re-booted but as long as you log back in as Test, the add-ons should be retained.