File Storage

     Each user has a home directory that corresponds to their username.  This directory is on a network server and can be accessed only by the owner or an administrator.  Files in this directory are available from any workstation and are backed-up on a regular basis.  It is strongly recommended that you save files to your home directory and not on the local (C:\) drive.  Shared drives are also available for storing files.  Teacher shared directories are T:\ and student shared directories are S:\. Documents stored on the local C:\, My documents, My pictures, or on the desktop are not safe or backed up.  If your machine is re-imaged or crashes these files will not be able to be retrieved.  Your home directory can be identified as the drive letter: G:\, or by your username, depending upon the application.  Use the following procedure to save files and open files from your home directory.


    Saving files to your Home Directory (G:\)

    1.             Click File

    2.             Click Save As

    3.             Type G: or click the down arrow at the top by Save In:  (make sure your username comes up)

    4.             Type in the name of the file to be saved

    5.             Press Enter or click on Save


    Opening files saved in your Home Directory  (G:\)

      1.             Click on File on the menu bar. 

    2.             Click on Open.

    3.             Type G: or click the down arrow by Look In.  Find your name and click on it

    4.             Find the file name and click on it

    5.             Press Enter or click on open.