Each authorized user of the Speedway Public Schools computer network has a unique username.  Your username consists of the first initial of your first name followed by your entire last name.  All users exist in a series of containers that form the users context.  To login to a workstation at a user's home school, enter your username followed by a period and then container name.  For teachers and staff, the container is "staff".  For students, the container name is the last two digits of their year of graduation. 


                                                      Username     +     Container     =        Login

    Teacher Fred Brown                                      fbrown                     staff                   fbrown.staff

    Student John Smith class of 2005                jsmith                        05                    jsmith.05

    If you need to login in a different building, or if you get a “user does not exist in the specified context” login error, you may need to use the full context.  Note that a full context login name has a period at the beginning, and between each container name.  Usernames and container names are NOT case sensitive.


    Full User Context

    High School Teacher Fred Brown              .fbrown.staff.user.speedway

    Student John Smith class of 2005                .jsmith.05.user.speedway