• Blocking unwanted mail in GroupWise

    1. From your GroupWise menu bar select tools

    2. Select Rules.

    3. On the rules page select New

    4. On the new rule page, name your rule whatever you want it to be.  Example:  block Fred

    5. Under when event is, check received. 

    6. Under item types, check mail. 

    7. Click define conditions. On the define conditions page click the first down arrow and choose From.  

    8. On the next button with up and down arrows, select contains.

    9.  In the second box, type in the name of the unwanted email address.  Example:  Fred@aol.com (it will not be highlighted)

    10. Next, click OK. 

    11. Under appointment conflict exists select does not matter

    12. The next section is then actions are.  Choose delete/decline, a pop up box will appear, you may type a comment here if you choose. Click save