• GroupWise Password

    NOTE: Your GroupWise password can be the same as your Netware login password but that is not required.  If you select the options recommended below your GroupWise password will be automatically entered when you login to a school PC.  When using GroupWise Web Access, enter your GroupWise password.

    1.                  Launch the GroupWise client.

    2.                  At the top of the main window select the Tools menu and click on Options

    3.                  From the Options screen select Security.

    4.                  If you do not have a GroupWise password, the Old Password field will be disabled. If  you have a GroupWise password, enter it in this field.

    5.                  Enter your new password in both the New Password and Confirm New Password fields.

    6.                  For security reasons we recommend that you do not check the Remember my password box.  If you check the No password required with NDS box your GroupWise password will be entered automatically after you log into the network.

    7.                  Click OK and Close the options screen.