1. Open Groupwise
    2. Click File
    3. Click New
    4. Click appointment  
    5. On the appointment page, type HS LAB 116 OR 227 in the TO box.  Your name will also show up in the To box.  There are two options.  The first is to delete your name from the TO box.  The second is to leave it there in which case an appointment will also be sent to your personal mailbox and will give you the option to accept or decline.  If you accept, the appointment will automatically be scheduled on your personal calendar.  If you choose decline, your lab time is still scheduled but the appointment will not show up on your personal calendar.  Click the TAB key.
    1. Click the calendar icon to the right of the start date dialog box
    2. Double click the day in which you want to go to the lab (If you want to schedule multiple dates with the same time, click the auto date button and click the dates you want to schedule.) Click ok
    3. Click the clock icon next to the time dialog box (to the right of start date)
    4. Click, hold, and drag the left arrow to the starting time and the right arrow to the ending time.  Click OK
    5. Under subject type your name so that it will appear on the lab schedule
    6. Click SEND

    You will receive a message in your personal mailbox telling you whether your lab time has been scheduled or if you need to choose another time.  If you left your name in the TO box, you will also receive a message asking you to accept or decline the appointment.  Accept will add it to your calendar, Decline will not add it your calendar but it will still be added to the lab calendar.