• Logon Screen



    Enter your user name and password then click on the "Logon" botton to be logged into the Help Desk application.  The user name for most staff members consists of your first initial followed by your last name.  If you are not sure if you are registered or forget your password, please see the section titled "E-mail My Password".


    E-mail My Password


    If you are registered with the Help Desk but have forgotten your password, click on the 'Email My Password' link shown on the Help Desk logon screen.  Enter your user name then click on the 'Email Password' button and your password will be sent to the email address in your user registration. 

    If the name you entered is not in our database you will get the error "Invalid username".  Please have another staff member log a help ticket for you with your name, school, room number, phone extention, and an explanation that the Help Desk software gives you an 'Invalid Username' error.

    User Menu


    Submit New Problem

    Contact Information:  Username:  leave blank
                                      Email:  leave as is
                                      Department:  Select appropriate office/school
                                      Location:  Enter name of workstation where problem occurred
                                                     Can be found on sticker on side of CPU or on login screen          
                                      Phone:  Enter phone number you can be reached at
                                      Select User:  Select your name (or the person you are logging the incident for) from the
                                                          drop-down box

    Classification:           Category:  Select the category that best describes your problem
                                     Status: Leave as 'New'

    Title:  Next, enter a Title for the help request.  Please try to be brief, but specific.  Avoid using titles such as "help", or simply repeating the category or other information in the heading.  This title will be the first thing seen when searching or reviewing help requests.

    Description:  Enter a detailed description of the problem, including any error messages.


    Do not enter multiple, non-related problems into a single help request.  For most hardware problems and any problem with a specific workstation, please enter one request for each computer.  If several workstations in the same room have the same problem, such as network printing, or an application that doesn't work, this can be entered as a single help request.

    Click on 'Submit Problem' box.   **  Please give this a few minutes to register the problem and send it.  If you keep hitting 
                                                        the submit button, it will resend the problem multiple times in multiple help tickets **

    Click on 'Clear Form' box               Click on this box if you are done and need to submit a new problem.


    Within a few minutes after submitting a new request you should receive email confirmation.  You should also receive an email notice when the problem is fixed and the help request is closed.  While a request is open you may update the request or check on the status by using the View Problem List link on the Help Desk home page.


    View Problem List


    This link will allow you to view a list of all problems submitted under your user name.  The list shows the title, who the request was assigned to, the date submitted and the current status.  Clicking on the title will open the request.  Requests that are new or pending can be updated.  Requests that are closed can only be viewed.


    Search The Knowledge Base


    As we use the Help Desk application, we will add certain help requests to the knowledge base.  A quick search of common issues in the knowledge base may answer your question without entering a new help request.


    Edit Information


    This function has been disabled.  Unfortunately, it will take you to another page stating "This page cannot be found".  You will have to hit the "Back" button at the top left of your screen to return to the Help Desk User Menu.