•  Adding New Teachers
    1. Login to the L2L website.  https://mxweb.media-x.com/home/solutiontree/
    2. Click on Site Manager
    3. Click the + by Speedway School District then click the school you are adding new teachers to.
    4. Click members at the top then click the + by teacher.
    5. Click Create Member at the top.
    6. Fill in data.  Use email address for primary id and do not create a user account.
    7. Click Save at the top.
    8. On the green menu bar, click mxWeb.  Click the Look 2 Learn logo in the middle.
    9. Click Handheld/desktop then click manage files.
    10. Click the box by Look2Learning and click the box by Speedway School District.  Put a check in the box beside the school you are updating. 
    11. Click Generate Files on the bottom right.  After getting the files generated message, click done at the top and log out.
    12. Attach your palm pilot with your synch cord to your computer. 
    13. Click the Look2Learn icon. 
    14. On the main page click Download Templates and then proceed.
    15. Click Upload/Download, click the box by Download Templates.
    16. Hit the synch button on your palm pilot. 
    17. When done start a new walk and see if new teacher is there.