Printer Topics

    Each workstation should have access to network, and in some cases, local printers.  Rooms with more than one workstation will have network printers while rooms with a single workstation will usually have local and network printers.
    Local printers are attached directly to your workstation with either a USB or parallel cable.  Local printers can be installed using the Local Printer instructions that follow.
    Network printers should be installed automatically; however, it may take as much as five to ten minutes after login for all printers to install.  Staff members also have the option to manually install a network printer using "Network Printers" link below or from your desktop.  Just click on a printer name and it will be installed.

    When a local printer is attached directly to your workstation the "Found New Hardware Wizard" should launch automatically.  The first screen will ask if you want to search Windows Update for software, select "No, not this time" and click "Next".  Then select "Install from a specific location" and click "Next".  On the next screen select "Search for the best driver in these locations", Check "Include this location in the search" and type "Z:\Install\Printers\KX2" in the next box.  Click "Next" and make sure Kyocera Mita FS-1010 is highlighted and click "Next" again.  If you get a warning about digitally signed drivers select "Continue Anyway".  When the wizard is completed click "Finish" and your printer should be installed.


    Many of the newer printers, including the multifunction copiers, are capable of duplex (two-sided) printing.  This feature will be turned on by default wherever possible.  All users will be able to disable this feature but the settings will only be saved for staff members.  Student users will have this feature turned back on at login.


    Click here to access and install the Network Printers.
    Just click on the network printer you need installed and it should automatically do the install.


    Kyocera FS1010 User Manual - Click HERE.