Once you have installed a CopyStar as a network printer, you can open "Printing Preferences" and the "Finishing" tab to select staple and hole punch options and the "Job" tab to select job storage options.

    The job storage feature allows users to send a print job to the Copystar printer and have the job held at the printer until it is released using the Copystar touch panel.  To change job storage options, right click on the printer icon and select "Printing Preferences".  On the "Job" tab, select "job storage (e-MPS)" and the "Job storage" option.  If you want to protect access to the job, check "Access Code" and enter any four digit number.  At the Copystar select "Printer", on the touch panel select "e-MPS", "Private / Stored", select your user name, the stored job name, the number of copies and "Printing".  If you have specified an access code you will be prompted to enter the code and the document will print.  Documents will remained stored until manually deleted by the user or, until disk space is needed for new documents.

    The Copystar units are setup as network scanners that will send the scanned document to your email address.  Place the document in the feeder or on the copy glass, press the "Scanner" button, select "Send to email".  Under "Select Sender" choose the copier name (001).  Select either "Enter Destination" or "Address Book" to choose the recipient(s).  Each unit should be pre-programmed with the staff email addresses for your school.  In the address book, select the name of the recipient and either "TO:, CC:, of BC:".  Select "Close" and press the start button.  A scan of the document will then be sent as an attachment to the email address(es) selected.  If you have junk mail handling enabled, the email may go into your "Junk Mail" folder until you right-click on the message and select "Junk Mail" and "Trust Sender".

    Manual for Kyocera - 6030/8030 Multifunction Copier  - Click HERE.