• School Town of Speedway's Implementation for the
    IDOE Testing Security & Integrity Training

    General Notes:


    *  Training will take approximately 15 min.

    *  This is a required training for anyone having access to state testing (Acuity, ISTEP, LAS Links, ECA).

    *  A signed agreement should be printed and given to your administrator.

    1.  Login to your Safe Schools account.  (Link is under the 'Staff' tab above)

    2.  Watch the required Policy video titled : 'IDOE 2014-15 Testing Security Training' and follow all instructions to 'Submit' and record your participation.

    3.  Here is a link to the PowerPoint presentation that contains the written script from the video.
      IDOE Testing Security 2014-15.

    (Viewing this will not log your participation - you MUST watch the video in Safe Schools as described in #2)
    4.  Print, Sign & Return your agreement to your administrator/supervisor:  
    Print IDOE Agreement