Thank you for your interest in substitute teaching for Speedway Schools. We are always looking for qualified and dedicated individuals interested in substitute teaching.  Documented completion of 60 hours of college credit will be required.



         Step 1:  Complete the online application.  Click
    HERE for the application.

         Step 2:  Complete the following forms:

                       A.  Form W-4  -   Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate  (Federal)
                                                   Fill in 1-7 on pg 1, Print Form, then Sign and Date.  Click
    HERE for W-4 form.

                       B.  Form WH-4 - Employee's Withholding Exemption and County Status Certificate (Indiana)
                                                   Print Form, Fill in entire form, then Sign and Date    Click
    HERE for WH-4 form.

                       C.  Form I-9 -     Employment Eligibility Verification - Click
    HERE for I-9 form.
                                                   Fill in ONLY Section 1 of page 4, Print Page 4 of form,
                                                   then Sign & Date in Section 1

                       D.  Backgound Check Authorization -  
    Please click HERE to begin your
                                       CERTIFIED EMPLOYEE background check through SafeHiring Solutions.
                                        Important: You may be required to provide prior employment and education
                                        information. Please be prepared with this information before you get started.
                                        A credit card will be required to complete this process. The cost for a certified
                                        background check will be $38.40. The final price may vary.

         Step 3:  Next, please contact Mr. Lance Schnaus at Newby Elementary School, 317-241-0572, to set up
                       an interview.  Pending successful completion of all paperwork including the investigative
                       background check, you will be included on the Speedway Schools Substitute List.

                      Necessary Documentation for the Interview:
                      1. Driver's License  (or Photo ID issued by federal, state or local government) and
                      2. Social Security Card
                           Current US Passport
                      3.  All forms you completed from Step 2 (A-D) above.
                      4.  Copy of college/university transcript
                      5.  If you have a Substitute Teacher's Permit, please bring it with you at this time.

        Step 4If you currently do not hold a valid Substitute Teachers’ Permit, you will need to apply online for a
                      license through this
    Indiana State Teachers License link.  If you do not have a profile with the
                      IDOE, you will need to create a profile first which can be done on this site as well. 

                     Please note: You need to have a substitute application on file with Speedway Schools before 
    you apply for your license on line.

                     When you receive a copy of your Substitute Teacher's Permit, please submit a copy to 
                     Newby Elementary School.


    If you need assistance please contact:
                     Mr. Lance Schnaus
                     Newby Elementary School
                     1849 N. Whitcomb Street
                     Speedway, Indiana  46224

                     Operating hours are Monday – Friday 8:30am - 4:00pm.


         Thank you for considering Speedway Public Schools in your employment search!