• Acuity - Help

    Remove Student Test Assignments

    1. Click "Tests"
    2. Click "Custom Tests"
    3. Click "Assign"
    4. Search for Custom Tests
        A. School (if at District level)
        B. Subject
    5. Click "Show Existing Tests"
    6. Locate the Custom Test Name desired, and click "View/Assign"
    7. Locate the Custom Test Assignment Name, and click "Edit"
    8. Click "Save and Proceed to Next Step"
    9. In the "Assigned Students" section, click the "+" symbol to expand the 
        hierarchy table and locate the student(s) to be removed.
    10. Click the check box(s) beside the name(s) of the student(s) to be 
          removed from the Assignment.  
    11. Click "Remove Selected"
    12. Click "View Summary" to confirm the number of Student Assignments