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    Professional Development Day (No School)        July 28
    First Day of School for Students                July 29
    Labor Day (No School)                           September 7
    Fall Vacation (No School)                       October 12-16
    Thanksgiving Vacation (No School)               November 23-27
    Dismissal at end of day for Winter Vacation     December 18
    Semester End - 92 Days                         
    Professional Development Day (No School)        January 4
    (Make Up Day for Inclement Weather)
    Return to School after Winter Vacation          January 5
    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No School)         January 18
    Professional Development Day (No School)        February 12
    (Make Up Day for Inclement Weather)
    Presidents’ Day (No School)                     February 15
    Spring Vacation                                 March 21-April 1
    Return to School after Spring Vacation          April 4
    Last Day for Students                           May 26
    Semester End – 91 Days
    Carb Day (No School)                            May 27
    Memorial Day (No School)                        May 30

    Professional Development Day (No Students)      May 31

    A scheduled make up day will be activated when needed to complete 180 student days in attendance.
    Adopted by the Board of Trustees: September 9, 2014