• Vision

    Speedway High School prepares students for college and workforce readiness in the 21st Century.


    Speedway High School inspires and prepares students to pursue excellence academically, emotionally and socially.

    Core Values

              ·        Rigorous curriculum aligned with Indiana Academic Standards and Common Core Standards.
              ·        Engaging classroom instruction based on researched “Best Practices.”
              ·        Authentic assessments which measure student progress and achievement.
              ·        Integration of technology in the classroom.
    2.      Emotional
              ·        Provide a safe and comfortable environment.
              ·        Relationship building.
              ·        Management of conflict resolution.
    3.      Socially
              ·        Personal Integrity
              ·        Importance of attendance and timeliness
              ·        Communication skills
              ·        Cultural awareness and appreciation.