• English

    Students at Speedway take four years of English to hone critical reading and writing skills.

    Mr. Dever teaches English 11 and AP English Language/Composition, leads the academic teams, and coaches girls basketball.

    Mr. Doehrmann teaches English 9, Pre-AP English 9, advises yearbook and newspaper, and coaches tennis.

    Ms. Johnson teaches English 10 andAP English Literature/Composition.

    Mr. Lindhorn teaches AP Language/Composition and Government.

    Ms. McKay teaches English as a New Language.

    Mr. Pactor teaches Pre-AP English 10 and English 12, and directs the fall play and spring musical.


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  • Dever, Jordan

    Email: JDever@speedwayschools.org

    Doehrmann, Derek

    Email: DDoehrmann@speedwayschools.org

    Johnson, Jasmine

    Email: jjohnson@speedwayschools.org

    Lindhorn, Robert

    Email: rlindhorn@speedwayschools.org

    McKay, Allison

    Email: AMckay@speedwayschools.org

    Pactor, Jacob

    Email: jpactor@speedwayschools.org

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