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  • WELCOME to the 2013-2014 year and the balanced calendar

    Welcome to my web page where you will be able to find information as it relates to English 9, AC English 9, and both of the publications classes at Speedway High School.

    For English 9/AC English 9 students and parents, this web page will be a primary resource to see what happens in this class on a daily basis. You will find a variety of materials here including daily agendas, class calendars, …

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Discussion Topics

  • The power of literature

    Posted by Derek Doehrmann on 9/30/2013
    What do you consider to be the most powerful, the most evocative author or piece of literature that exists in the now?  Currently, there is a critically acclaimed movie about author J.D. Salinger that is creating a lot of buzz, given the controversy surrounding Salinger's unorthodox lifestyle.   Last week, there was a week-long celebration of banned books, literature deemed by someone, somewhere as inappropriate for others.

    What powers do great books create?  What fears do people have that cause them to seek to censor books or ideas?  Thoughtfully share your views here. 
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  • Is the Lost Room believable?

    Posted by Derek Doehrmann on 8/5/2013
    The Lost Room is a six part mini-series created by the Sci-Fi (now SyFy) network in 2006.  According to Netflix, "Detective Joe Miller finds a key that opens a mysterious motel room and discovers it's a powerful portal to an alternate universe."  His daughter Anna disappears inside the room and Detective Miller is on a quest to find Anna.  The problem is other people are very interested in the key.

    We've met some pretty entertaining characters so far.  What is a question that you would have for one of the characters?  What would you ask the Weasel?  What have we learned about Karl Kreutzfeld?  Joe Miller is pretty conflicted ... there are many questions you could ask Joe?

    Respond to this forum and begin sharing a conversation with other fans of The Lost Room. 
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