DESCRIPTION - The Sparkplug Award is an honor given to students at Speedway Junior High School for improvement in their academics during a six-week grading period.  This is not an award for the highest grade, but it could be.  The award is designed to recognize those students that have shown significant improvement in their effort, grades, and/or participation in a particular class.    

    SELECTION –At the end of a grading period, each teacher at Speedway Junior High School will select one student from the subject area he or she teaches.  Teachers will submit the name of the student to be recognized to the guidance counselor at the end of a grading period.  Even though we would like to recognize all students that show improvement, there will be no limit to the number of times an individual student can be recognized. 

    RECOGNITION – Students selected will be announced to the student body via the intercom.  All students selected will receive a certificate of achievement and have their picture taken.  This picture will be placed in a display case at Speedway Junior High School and will be sent to the Speedway Town Press for publication.

    1st Grading Period Winners 

    2nd Grading Period Winners 

    3rd Grading Period Winners

    4th Grading Period Winners