Fundraisers are an extremely important part of life as a music student at Speedway Junior High.  Students are directly responsible for raising the funds necessary to purchase music and equipment, make repairs, and pay for transportation.


    Fundraisers are never required, but everyone benefits from the funds raised.  Any help students and parents can offer is very welcome! 

    Donations are also welcome.  If a customer would rather give a donation than purchase a fundraising item, please allow them to do that. 

    Customers will also be able to order items online and have the items delivered directly to their home!  The student will get the credit for selling the items, and they don't have to worry about delivery.  This is a bonus for those students that have a lot of family members that live out of town!  Be sure to tell them that they must put the student's name on their order so that they get credit for the sale.

    Go to www.piperfundraising.com to order online.

    Here is a PDF of the brochure for the fundraiser:

    BROCHURE 2017

    ORDER TAKER 2017


    Orders will be due November 14.

    Delivery will take place December 5.


    Money needs to be turned in by no later than December 12.

    Please make arrangements to have your items picked up when they arrive, as many items are perishable.

    For all fundraisers, donations, and payments, please make checks payable to "Speedway Junior High".


    In addition to our fundraisers, members of the band and choir run the concession stand at all home Volleyball, Boys' Basketball, and Girls' Basketball events.  We need one parent volunteer to supervise each event as well.  In return, the athletic department donates one half of all profits to the music department.   The money is then used to buy music and incentives, make repairs, and purchase new equipment.

     All volunteers should arrive at the SJH Concession Stand 15 minutes before game time, and plan to stay from two and a half to three hours, or until the final event is wrapping up. 

    If you would be willing to help out, please contact Mrs. Cronin at acronin@speedwayschools.net.  If you would like to volunteer as a substitute, that would be a big help.  Sometimes people have to cancel, and it is nice to have people to call in case this happens.