The Music Department (both Band AND Choir) goes to King's Island every other school year.   This trip is optional for all members.

    The next trip will be in May of 2019.  The trip costs are TBA.  Costs will cover the ticket, transportation by school bus, a T-shirt, and an all-you-can-eat meal at the park.

    All students are eligible to attend this trip, unless they receive OSS (out-of-school-suspension) for ANY reason.  In addition, students must attend all required performances during the year.  Chaperones will be needed for the trip, and all chaperones must cover their own costs (same fees as students.)

    Here is a copy of the itinerary from the last trip we took.  We usually follow the same schedule:

    King's Island Itinerary 2017

    To access the detailed information letter about this trip or to obtain a copy of the Permission/Medical Form, please navigate to the "Forms & Letters" section of the Music Department Web Site.