• Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s);

    The Indiana Partnerships Center is committed to partnering with schools to engage, equip and empower all families to be involved in their children’s education.

    Belief Statement

    • All parents want a better life for their children and want their children to be successful.
    • All parents have strengths and are critical to the education of their children.
    • All parents can learn how to help their children in school.
    • All decisions about engaging parents should be made in conjunction with parents.
    • Schools improve when they partner with parents and the community

    The center, a nonprofit organization formed in 1997, serves all of Indiana. We provide parent-focused programs and services scheduled by schools, community groups or parent groups. We publish a newsletter and undertake other outreach efforts. In the 2009-2010 school year, our workshops, website, newsletters and outreach efforts reached 477,488 parents – parent of children from early childhood through early college and those in urban, rural and suburban schools.

    The center also provides education-related information and resource materials, including information about the state and federal accountability laws. And we help schools develop ways to engage parents so you may become decision-makers in your child’s school and serve as resources for school improvement and mentors to others

    If you are interested in knowing more you can access this by going to: http://www.fscp.org/

    Thank you,

    Mr.  Bedwell