Welcome to Plugged In

  • Plugged In is the official school newspaper of Speedway High School.   It is intended to be a public forum and letters to the editor are encouraged.   JS Printing in Birmingham, AL is responsible for our print product and has been our publishing partner for several years.   Students enrolled in the high school journalism class conduct all of the reporting and news-gathering activities.   Students utilize Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop to assist in our desktop publishing operation.   Students in this class also participate in photography activities in conjunction with the school yearbook (Champion) team.  In addition, students also work in partnership with the Speedway Town Press to provide weekly correspondence related to Speedway High School events.


    Derek Doehrmann is the sponsor of the Speedway Media Department and also serves as the chairperson of the high school Language Arts Department.    He can be reached at 317-244-7238 x10237 and by email at ddoehrmann@speedwayschools.net