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6th Grade Free Throw Challenge - 1-19-2013

   Congratulations to all the participants on Saturday night 1-19-2013
      Allison- Courtney Merrill  &  Jonathon Sauter
      Fisher - Kylie Chadwick  &  Payton Huddleston
      Newby- Davanie Crouch  &  Nick Curran
      Wheeler- Hannah Lindsey  &  Colin Brown
   Hats off to the winners:
      Wheeler Hannah Lindsey & Newby- Nick Curran
   Thanks to all the helpers:
      Seniors-Austin Anglea, Casey Anderson, Jake Curran, Sophomore Brady Schall, Freshmen-Anthony Vernon, Adam Scheck, Jamil Milton, and Jonathan Willoughby. 
      Thanks to Coach Bennett for the super certificates.